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    Enterprise spirit: innovation perform in good faith harmony
    Innovation - Product Innovation Management Innovation Innovation
    Product innovation: all the innovation, product innovation is the most basic innovation is the lifeblood of business, is a key factor of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Product innovation to be eclectic, bold breakthrough, unconventional.
    Management innovation: management innovation is important magic weapon of our times, sustainable development, is the source of our achievements in China's footwear industry with power. Management innovation, companies always extensive operation, there is no development of the future and a way out. Management innovation to be open-minded, active thinking, pioneering spirit.
    Work of innovation: management innovation is the system of our business model innovation, the work innovation comes from every employee, every day, every piece of work and constantly strive for new thinking, consciousness, ideas, knowledge, behavior and results innovation. To promote innovation in the work of our management innovation, the formation of benign innovation mechanism and mode.
    Perform - perform powerful implementation of effective monitoring in place
    Innovation is the lifeblood of business, and that execution is the lifeline of the effective continuation. No strong effective implementation and monitoring place, then the result is usually used in negative thing does not matter, to do a good dry differential nobody asked the work discount was playing, how performance assessment, all work is the Stronghold, the mirror on management into empty words.
    Sincere - sincere the enterprise customers in good faith to work in good faith to customers in good faith sincere colleagues
    Sincerity is human nature, in the enterprise, we respected advocate for enterprise sincere, honest work, honest to customers, the customer sincere, honest colleagues, against all hypocrites do to send and behavior. Only invested in good faith, we can get the truth back.
    Harmonious working atmosphere of harmony - working relationship harmony and harmonious work environment
    To build a harmonious society, the first is to create a harmonious organization, harmonious team, to create a harmonious conditions, atmosphere and environment. Be in harmony with colleagues working in harmony and cooperation with the customer, and harmony together with external organizations.
    Enterprise purpose:
    To create high-quality products to provide quality services to achieve excellent staff
    Create quality products - good product development is the last word, only unremitting create quality products, to be able to be in an invincible position in the competition, the enterprise in order to obtain a considerable development.
    Provide quality services - for our customers, improve the quality of service for our franchisees, excellent tradition and the foundation of growth. Quality services, reflected in a word, did not expect customers, franchisees, we have thought of innovative services, reflected in subtle spirit of action. The outstanding achievements of staff - training staff growth, the achievements of outstanding employees as a business purpose, has vital significance and role. Enterprises continue to optimize the development platform, the train and bring up a number of excellent staff, groups of staff anti-prolyl enterprises, encourage enterprises to higher goals.
    Core values:
    Businesses better job, a better return to the customer, so that more employees harvest
    For enterprises to better work - put all the physical and mental work for the enterprise, this is the mission and responsibility of our employees, but also self-settle down "rice bowl".
    Better return to the customer - the customer is the foundation of our existence, where customers include upstream suppliers, downstream the franchisee terminal customer, under the premise that ensure the interests of the enterprise to the customer better return on enterprise development renewable power. Staff harvest - the development of enterprises without employees for their hard pay, love, treat employees, financial scattered people together "philosophy is the practice to return employees.
    Business philosophy:
    "Win-win-win" principle: win the survival quality brand to win customers and strength to win the expansion
    Quality win to survive - only high quality products and excellent service spirit of enterprise to be able to survive, this is the most basic requirements of the enterprise.
    Brand to win customers - good brand is reputation, loyalty and appeal.
    Strength to strength to win the expansion - the quality, the strength of the brand, the strength of the technology, the strength of the scale have the capital to expand and qualifications.
    Enterprise mission: to strive to become the leader of the Chinese footwear brand
    Corporate vision: Wing summarizing the center of management, brand and assets, mainly footwear, supplemented by the development, production and marketing of derivatives, parent brand as the basis, the development of multi-brand, multi-regional group management
    Enterprise slogan: Work hard, dream of success!

      Yonghui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  Tel0663-8339998   E-mailyh@gdyonghui.com
    AddQianguang Village Industrial Zone, Xinan Street, Rongcheng District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province
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